Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daily Dose of John Wesley: Renew My Heart

To continue sharing my long-term reading projects, I want to tell you about Renew My Heart: Daily Wisdom from the Writings of John Wesley compiled by Alice Russie, published in 2002 by Barbour.

Since I use The Upper Room and Upper Room Disciplines for my daily devotional reading, I usually don't bother looking at "365 daily readings" books. However, this one caught my eye because it concentrates on John Wesley, founder of Methodism, and a great spokesperson for Arminian theology. I've tried to read his sermons in the past, but they are just too long and too involved for casual reading.

Renew My Heart presents highlights from some of Wesley's most popular sermons arranged in short daily readings accompanied by a Bible verse and arranged according to topic. It's much easier for the reader-who-is-not-a-scholar to absorb Wesley's concepts in these small doses. There's a scripture index and a sources list for those who want to go beyond the daily readings.

I agree whole-heartedly with this quote from the book cover: "Fresh, renewing blessings will be yours as Wesley's words of assurance penetrate your heart---and as you embrace, perhaps for the first time, the gift of faith."

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