Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just As I Am by Virginia Smith

Review by Cheyenne Fowler. Cheyenne and her husband, Barry, are pastors of a church plant called Emerge Church. They have two little boys and are expecting their third in 6 weeks. She has been involved in full-time ministry for 12 years.

A few months ago I began looking for a good Christian book for a ladies book study. I was looking for something that would grab the attention of young and old alike. Well, I found just that in the character of Mayla Strong.

We first meet Mayla as she reluctantly attends a Sunday morning church service with her momma. As the service draws to a close she feels drawn to the altar.

We follow our unlikely heroine from the altar at Salliesburg Independent Christian Church into all the twists and turns along the way as she learns what following Christ is really all about. From her nose ring and purple hair to her plain spoken demeanor, the reader slowly begins to be drawn into this young woman’s world.

Granted, Mayla would probably be someone we would all give a second look if she came walking down the aisle of our church. As the reader, you slowly begin to see what it means to “live it” through Mayla’s eyes.

Within a few weeks of starting our book study, most of our class had already finished the book. They said they couldn’t help themselves. We are now two weeks away from beginning the second book in this series, “Sincerely Mayla.” Our discussion group is eagerly anticipating the next leg of Mayla’s Christian journey.

This is a rewarding and stirring read. This is our first attempt at fiction as a book study. I can truly say, “Mayla has changed us forever.”

Visit Virginia Smith's Web site for more information or to purchase books.
Smith is on faculty for Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, June 19-20, in Elizabethtown, KY. Check it out!

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