Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Green by Ted Dekker

-->Full title is, Green: Book Zero, the Beginning and the End (Thomas Nelson). Fantasy fiction is not my thing, yet I chose to review this book out of curiosity, mainly because I was intrigued by the title. Green is the last (and first) book in the Circle series. Hero Thomas Hunter leads the good guys in a good vs. evil story that lives up to its billing as a thriller. The story includes time travel from the pre-apocalypse world to the post-apocalypse Earth where this installment of the story begins. Hunter and his peace-loving band are drawn into confrontation with the bad guys, and Thomas ends up back where he started in the very first book of the series.
Not having read the first three books in the series, I had no preconceived notions. I saw similarities to the 1968 movie, Planet of the Apes. Life on earth has been totally altered by a catastrophe that puts inhabitants in a Dark Ages environment. Good and evil are ready to slug it out once more. Female characters have strong roles, although the hero and his son dominate the story.

Because I like stories to have definite endings, I felt a bit let down by the fact that the hero was not left with a happily-ever-after scenario. However, it occurs to me that the author may have in mind writing sequels that would take the whole story in to a different conclusion. I may go back and read the first three books to see how Black, Red, and White bring us into the Green story. At the end of Green, we’re back at the beginning with a chance to do it better next time. A never-ending circle. If you like fantasy thrillers, you’ll like Green.

Note: I received this book at no cost as a participant in Thomas Nelson’s book review blogger program.

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