Sunday, January 17, 2010

The King and Dr. Nick by George Nichopoulos, MD

Elvis fans, here it is....a first-hand account of Presley's health problems and his use (and misuse) of prescription drugs during his last years. Dr. Nichopoulos was Elvis' doctor and friend for some time, often going on tour with him to manage his medications.

Even if you were not a fan, you will enjoy this fascinating story about their relationship and Dr. Nick's efforts to keep Elvis healthy despite chronic conditions and a grueling performance schedule. At times, it reads like a medical thriller, while the chapters on legal maneuvers reminded me of Perry Mason.

I lived in Memphis when Elvis died. However, I don't remember much of the media hype surrounding Elvis' death and the subsequent controversy over his autopsy report. I found it interesting how the people close to Elvis repeatedly fell prey to media vultures. Between politics and media feeding frenzy, Dr. Nichopoulos was persecuted for a number of years after Elvis' death. It was a nightmare that would not go away.

As a fan of Presley's, I'm relieved to hear from "The King's" own doctor that Elvis Presley did not die of a drug overdose. I'm also glad that I took the time to consider Dr. Nick's side of the story, well-written by Rose Clayton Phillips.

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