Saturday, October 9, 2010

Know the Words of Jesus in 30 Days, J. Stephen Lang

Published by Guideposts Books and authored by the publisher, Know the Words of Jesus is a great Bible study tool.

I'm a Guideposts subscriber, so I get a lot of promotional mail from the book publishing division. Since they usually offer a free trial of their books, I ordered this one just to see what it was about. I'm keeping it!

The book is loaded with reference material and appendices, including chronology of the time of Jesus and a listing of Old Testament passages quoted by Jesus. As the title suggests, this is an in-depth study of the words spoken by Jesus himself. Maybe some people can do it in 30 days, but each day's "assignment" is substantial. It might be more appropriate to attempt it in 30 weeks. The author suggests that it's best to study the book with others, not necessarily Bible scholars or experts. I think this would be a good resource for a group study, except that the cost book might be prohibitive for some people. For my purposes, though, it is a bargain, since I intend to take my time.

More details on the Guideposts site. Buy it on Amazon: Know the Words of Jesus in 30 Days.

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