Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breaking the Code by Bruce M. Metzger

Subtitle is Understanding the Book of Revelation. Metzger, a widely recognized and acclaimed Bible scholar, was chair of the New Revised Standard Version translation committee. He does a great job of presenting his information in non-academic language that "regular people" can understand.

Metzger reminds us that the signs and symbols in Revelation, while graphic and intimidating, are just that---symbols. He interprets each symbol in light of the historical period in which it was written, a time when Christians were severely persecuted. He warns that Revelation is not a tool for predicting the future or for interpreting contemporary events.

While some might have wanted more background, Metzger stuck with his plan of providing the basic information without the clutter of extensive details. He does provide a reading list for those who want to study further.

The book is intended for use in group study, but here are no study questions at the end of the chapter. It think it would be more interesting if you had a group to discuss it with. There's a leader's guide which is available separately.

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