Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fire in the Soul by Richard Lyon Morgan

Subtitle is A Prayer Book for the Later Years (Abingdon Press, 2000).

This collection of prayers, poems, and meditations addresses the special needs of the older generation. The author divides the elder generation into categories he calls the young old, the mature old, and the oldest old.  The needs of those who have just retired and wondering what they should do with the rest of their lives are quite different from those of people way past retirement and experiencing illness and loss. Morgan points out that prayer is a necessary pursuit for the aging person, because it is the best way to come closer to God and work through whatever difficulties present themselves.

I found this book in my aunt's book collection. It's a great source of short inspirational readings. It's an oversized book, and the layout is easy on the eyes. Some of the selections are original, while others are by other authors. It would be a good gift for any person coping with aging issues or for someone with aging parents.

Morgan is a retired minister who works with the elderly, especially those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's. Visit Morgan's website to learn more about him and his other works.

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