Monday, July 18, 2011

Gifted Hands by Ben Carson, M. D.

How does a child of a broken home from the streets of Detroit become one of the most renowned neurosurgeons in the world? Dr. Ben Carson tells how his mother, divorced and with a third-grade education, raised two boys who both became professionals. He's the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

First published in 1990, the book tells of Carson's early life, his struggle to succeed in school, and the role his faith played in the advancement of his career. He decided he want to be a doctor despite the fact that the odds were against him. Believing that God would help him find a way, Carson managed to get his education and land his dream job at Johns Hopkins.

He also shares his trail-blazing surgery techniques, giving details of some of his most challenging cases. Now that he has "made it," Carson wants to give back by encouraging kids who have no advantages and, often, no hope, either. He tells them to go for their dreams, to work hard and not give up.

I bought this book at a writers conference where the ghostwriter, Cecil Murphey, was featured speaker. I had heard about Gifted Hands, but I had not taken the time to read it. I did not know that TNT made a television movie in 2009, but, now that I know, I want to see it. This is truly an inspiring story, well-written and engaging.

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Read more about Dr. Carson here.

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