Monday, August 22, 2011

Aging Is an Attitude by Cecil Murphey

Subtitle: Positive Ways to Look at Getting Older, AMG Publishers.

"You're not getting older, you're getting better." This quote from an old Clairol commercial is the attitude many people want to take toward aging. Guess, what? You are getting older, there's no denying it. But, you can get better, too. It's all in how you approach aging.

In the 27 chapters of Aging Is an Attitude, author Cecil Murphey covers every concern I've ever had about getting older. First, he deals with fears, which is at the heart of the matter for most people. We fear losing our looks, losing control of our bodies, and being dependent on others, to name just a few. Murphey discusses each issue beginning with the "why" and progressing to what to do about it. He reminds us that some things are beyond our control but that we can control our attitudes and reactions. Plus---not everything about aging is bad!

A veteran writer, former pastor and missionary, Murphey has done a masterful job of treating this difficult subject in a caring and practical manner. He was co-writer for the New York Times best-seller, 90 Minutes in Heaven, but he has also authored or co-written over 100 other books.

I recommend this book to anyone over age 50. You might even consider giving it to your friends and family in that age group. Buy it on

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