Friday, June 28, 2013

Committed But Flawed by Cecil Murphey

Are you looking for a new way to pray, to get closer to God? Then, take a look at what Cecil Murphey offers in Committed But Flawed: Seeking NEW Ways to Grow Spiritually.

Murphey examines how people in the Bible related to and served God. Each chapter is dedicated to one character, However, this is not just a parade of cameo appearances. The author takes it one step further by investigating how that person's relationship with God developed. Then, he includes a prayer for each chapter that encapsulates the message each person's life offers us.

For example, Mary, the mother of Jesus, is known for her obedience in the role God gave her.  She had questions. God gave her answers, and she accepted them. Her chapter title is "True Believer," and her prayer is as follows:

I am Mary. I want to believe without questioning. May I be able to say confidently as she did, "I am the Lord's servant, and I am willing to accept whatever he wants."

The book has 26 chapters, and every one is a jewel. The characters we've heard of for years are presented as real people with good points but also with flaws. Try reading one chapter a day using the prayer at the end as a theme for your day's meditation. I think you will learn a lot about yourself as you get to know your predecessors in the faith.

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