Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Deadly Game & Dangerous Impostor by Virginia Smith

Recently, I've read two of Virginia Smith's Love Inspired Suspense books. They are both short, easy reads. But, don't start reading unless you have time to finish because you might get hopelessly hooked and not be able to put it down.

First, A Deadly Game  is set in Lexington, Kentucky, a great area to visit with its thoroughbred farms, historical sites, and natural beauty. It's also a great place for a treasure hunt. The heroine, Susanna Trent, is an executive assistant raising her sister's three-year-old daughter. Her boss is murdered in his own office. He must have known he was in danger because he sent Susanna an envelope containing peculiar tokens and mysterious clues. The killer wants these items so that he can collect the prize money for finding all the tokens. He wants it so bad that he kidnaps Susanna's niece. Jack Townsend, son of a wealthy businessman, becomes involved in the hunt for answers---the little girl and the killer. He was with Susanna when she found the body, and he just could not stay out of it from then on. He also provides romantic interest. It's a great story, filled with intrigue, suspense, and romance. See a sample and/or buy A Deadly Game (Love Inspired Suspense) on Amazon.

Second, Dangerous Impostor takes place in Las Vegas, Sin City. It's no surprise that someone would get murdered there, just not someone in the next room---while you're listening to it happen! But, that's what happens to Lauren Bradley. She is in town with a business associate for a conference. He is murdered just on the other side of the door between their adjoining hotel rooms. Worse, Lauren becomes the primary suspect. Her boss, Brent Emerson,  flies in to help her fulfill the company's commitment at the conference, and he ends up trying to help her prove her innocence. If that's not enough, Lauren seems to have been a pawn in an elaborate fraud scheme from the beginning.  Add colorful characters like Caleb, the jailer-construction worker-missionary who comes to their aid, plus the Mob and celebrity impersonators, and you have the perfect recipe for an exciting story that keeps you guessing to the very end.

Check it out Amazon: Dangerous Impostor (Love Inspired Suspense).

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