Thursday, August 23, 2012

Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes a Day by Garry R. Morgan

Do you know what Muslims believe? Mormons? Hindus? Does it matter? Yes, I think it does. For people like me who grew up in the USA, the Christian worldview dominated our home, school, and public environment. Not so any more.

I've tried to educate myself about Islam and Mormonism in particular because these two religions are in the news almost every day. However, I had no interest in scholarly tomes that would drag me through every detail of theology and doctrine.

This book is perfect for the person who wants to know just the basics. The author starts by discussing why we should know about other religions. He says religion is a "cultural universal, because it is found in all human societies" p. 17. It affects how members interact with each other and with adherents of other religions. Morgan spends a little time on Christianity, pointing out differences among the various branches. But, he spends most of his time on the numerous other world religions and their variants. He does not include a bibilography or list any sources. He is a professor of Intercultural Studies and a former intercultural minister, so he speaks from first-hand experience in many cases. He covers everything from Animism to Islam to Scientology to New Age in the 40 short chapters.

Thank you, Professor Morgan and Bethany House. You have filled a great need. People who want to know the basics of other religions can get a quick overview either by reading through the book in one sitting or by doing it one day at a time as the title suggests. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and I feel that I better understand why and how the religion factor causes many cultural conflicts in our world.

It's available in paperback on Amazon here.

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