Thursday, September 6, 2012

REAL: Owning Your Christian Faith by Daniel Darling

Did you grow up in a Christian home? Or are you a first-generation Christian? Either way, you may struggle with the specter of sin and a longing to feel closer to God. REAL can help you with that. Once a person becomes a Christian, many people think their troubles are over, but that's rarely the case.

Author Daniel Darling is a second-generation Christian, raised in the church and working most of his adult life on staff at church where he grew up. Today, though, he is pastor at Gages Lake Bible Church in the Chicago area. He, like most modern church leaders, is concerned about the number of young people leaving the church once they're grown and on their own.

In REAL, Darling challenges those who grew up in the church to "step off the cliff" and claim the Christian faith for themselves. Know what you believe, why you believe it, and show what you believe by helping others and telling them about Jesus. But, don't think you're better than a brand-new Christian just because you've been around longer. In the twelve chapters, he addresses reasons Christians might leave the faith or have problems sticking with it. He offers solutions, but he does not preach. He interweaves his points with personal stories, Bible examples, and a gentle teaching style that makes you want to keep reading. Each chapter ends with an interview with a well-known Christian like Max Lucado's daughter.

In the introduction, Darling says the purpose of the book is to "awaken second-generation believers to a fresh intimacy with the risen Savior, Jesus Christ." I think he will accomplish his purpose. Read it, share it with friends, and/or use it as a group-study book. Discussion questions are available on New Hope Publishing's website.

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