Monday, March 25, 2013

Persecuted, the Global Assault on Christians

 Did you know that, every day, somewhere in the world, Christians are shunned, tortured, and killed just for being Christian? It's true. But, why don't we hear about it on the evening news or in our newspapers?

Persecuted is a joint effort by three authors. Paul Marshall of the Hudson Institute is an expert on religious freedom, international relations, and radical Islam.  Lela Gilbert contributes to several news publications and is an adjunct fellow at Hudson Institute. Nina Shea, a senior fellow for the Hudson Institute, is an international human rights lawyer.

The authors describe incident after incident where people are abused, ostracized, or killed for their Christian faith. And, they have done their homework, having documented their claims with 62 pages of references and an extensive index. They offer three reasons Christians are persecuted. First, in Communist countries, Christianity is a threat to government control. These governments are called totalitarian because they want total control over the population. Second, in countries where Hinduism or Buddhism are prevalent, Christians are pariahs because they threaten the established social order. And, finally, where Islam flourishes, the Muslims want total dominance.

It's hard for Americans to identify with people who face danger for their faith. For now, at least, we can practice our faith freely. This is a hard book to read. It's full of examples of unspeakable horrors visited on people just for professing Christianity. And, we never see news reports or read articles in the mainstream media about these horrors. And, that is why everyone should read this book. We need to know about it before we can become outraged. And, we usually don't take action until our outrage moves us to action.

Check with your public library. Buy or borrow this book. Help raise awareness about this wherever you can. See the book summary on Thomas Nelson site.

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