Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Murder Is No Accident by A. H. Gabhart

What's it like to be a deputy sheriff in a small Kentucky town where nothing exciting ever happens? Michael Keane, whose roots run deep in Hidden Springs, should know. But lately, unusual things are happening. New businesses have opened in town with newcomers running them. Then, a local real estate agent falls down the stairs on one of her showings and ends up dead. It was an accident. But was it? Michael tries to convince himself. His girlfriend is in town temporarily. She's a lawyer from Washington, DC, and he hopes to keep her from going back by convincing her to marry him.

But, first, was the recent death an accident? Maggie Greene, the daughter of the lady who cleans the vacant old home where the accident occurred, knows something about it. She was there when it happened, but she wasn't supposed to be there. She was hiding in the tower writing in her journal when she heard the noise of the accident. Miss Fonda, the older lady with dementia, who used to live in the house showed up just after the "accident." She is on the loose from the assisted living facility. She has no idea what happened.  Maggie calls 911 but leaves before Michael arrives.

Michael is about to decide it was an accident when another murder takes place in the same house, and he's no longer certain. Things get complicated, because Maggie is around the house again. She tells what she knows, which isn't much. But, she has never seen the killer. She's just heard voices. It seems that everyone in town contributes to the mystery, natives and newcomers alike. Who dunnit? Does Michael succeed in keeping the love of his life from returning to Washington? What happens to Maggie? Read it and find out. You'll enjoy every minute.

Ann H. Gabhart is a veteran writer, with numerous published books under her belt. But she had never written mysteries before the Hidden Springs Mysteries. Previous books in the series are Murder in the Courthouse and Murder Comes by Mail. .A. H. Gabhart is the pseudonym she uses for this new genre. I've read a number of her books, and they are always entertaining. Her characters come to life on the page. Her sense of humor shines through often. I highly recommend the entire series.

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