Monday, April 24, 2017

The Amish Widower by Virginia Smith

Seth Hostetler is an Amish man who has lost two wives, one in childbirth and the other in a buggy accident. Did I mention the second wife was pregnant when she died? Feeling that the accident was at least partly his fault, Seth vows never to marry again. He feels like an outsider in his own family because he is not married and never intends to be. Amish men are supposed to marry and get a place of their own. He befriends an Englisch (not Amish) man who offers his services to drive Seth or his family members to places that are too far to go in a buggy. He becomes interested in making pottery under the tutelage of an Amish man whose granddaughter works in the pottery shop. She has rejected Amish ways, but her grandparents hope that she will return to the fold someday.

This is different from any books I've read by Virginia Smith. The main theme is forgiveness. Seth needed to forgive himself for whatever role he had in his wife's death. He did not know who the rowdy teenagers were who whooshed by his buggy, causing the horse to panic and overturn the buggy. He need to forgive them, too. He is at odds with his family and his faith as he struggles with his emotions. Leah, the potter's granddaughter, plays a role in his healing, but I won't give away her method. She has an incident in her past that requires forgiveness, too.

If you like Amish fiction, you'll enjoy this. It is set in modern times, whereas most of the Amish fiction I've read was historical. Never read Amish fiction? Give this one a try. The story moves slowly at first, but I became more interested as I read.

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