Wednesday, July 29, 2009

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

Subtitle: A True Story of Death & Life

I didn't really read this book. I listened to the audio version while traveling. It is an awesome story, and the audio was really special because it was read by Piper, a preacher with a wonderful voice for audio recording. Because he was describing his own personal experience, it was like sitting in the room with him and having him tell it to me personally.

The book has been on several best-seller lists since it was published in 2004. It tells of Piper's after-death experience following an auto accident which occurred in 1989. He had been declared dead at the scene, and for a full 90 minutes, he says he was in heaven. He believes that prayer played a significant role in his return to the "land of the living" and in his long recovery from his injuries. A fellow minister came along just after the accident and prayed over him the entire time. Piper goes into detail about being transported to the hospital and the heroic efforts the medical team exerted to save him. He shares about the trials that his family was put through and his own spiritual growth subsequent to the accident.

The reviews on retail bookseller sites are mixed. It seems you will either love it or hate. I'm one of the "lovers." If you don't have time to read it, try the audio version. I got my copy at the public library.

Ghost writer for the book was Cecil Murphey.

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