Sunday, July 12, 2009

The X and Y of Buy by Elizabeth Pace

-->Subtitle: Sell More and Market Better by Knowing How the Sexes Shop
I chose to review this book in my role as a Thomas Nelson book review blogger because I’ve done some marketing and sales work in addition to studying and writing about marketing. It’s an interesting read, although some of the information might not be news to marketing professionals. The use of MRI images to show the differences in brain activity between men and women verifies what most people realize---that men and women approach everything from a different perspective. And, according to this author, the differences are not the consequence of cultural indoctrination. They result from in-born differences in the way the male and female brains work.

Like some of the other female reviewers, I grew weary of the frequent references to women needing to verbalize their thoughts as they progressed through a buying decision. I didn’t find it so much insulting as just tiresome. But, men might also complain that males were portrayed as too proud to admit that the salesperson might be able to “help” them. Since I’m not male, I’ll ask some of them to speak for themselves.

Generally speaking, the book is a good resource for the general public to learn more about how men and women can understand each other’s thought processes in order to work better together. It’s one of the Nelsonfree selections. Buy the book, and you can also download the audio and e-book versions from Nelson. Buy it here.


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