Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bullseye by Virginia Smith

This is the second book in the Falsely Accused series by ace suspense writer Virginia Smith. I reviewed the first book, Dangerous Impostor here.

Karina's teenage brother is accused of murdering his best friend. Since Karina is his guardian, she feels she must find a way to prove his innocence. She has no one to turn to---except her ex-boyfriend, Mason Sinclair. The only trouble is Karina lives in Albuquerque while Mason now lives in Atlanta. But, she calls him anyway, asking him to come help rescue her brother.

Mason has his reasons for not wanting to help, but he hops a flight to New Mexico nonetheless. There's tension between Mason and Karina because of their past romance and breakup. And there's the matter of Mason's wife being murdered when he was on the police force in Albuquerque. Because he was initially accused of killing his wife, Mason has very few friends on the local police force. And, his spiritual life has been lacking since his wife's death. He helps Karina, but she's able to help him find his way back to faith. Making matters more complicated, it appears that, by helping Karina, he has put her in the same danger his wife was in.

A murder mystery, romantic tension, a teen who's gotten himself in over his head, and crooked cops are enough to keep you interested. Add the illegal arms trade to the mix, and you've got a page-turner that will hook you right away. I am totally hooked on Virginia Smith's writing. I try to read every book that comes out.

Buy the hard copy on Amazon here. The Kindle version is here.

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