Monday, July 23, 2012

From Dust and Ashes by Tricia Goyer

Another in the WWII Liberators series, From Dust and Ashes, is a powerful story set at the end of the war in the eastern part of Germany. The story revolves around the liberation of the Matthausen concentration camp. According to the veterans Goyer interviewed in her research, she accurately portrayed the events and the emotions of those who were there. The back cover text describes it well: "Nazis flee under cover of darkness as American troops near the town of St. Georgen. A terrible surprise awaits the unsuspecting GIs.  And three people—the wife of an SS guard, an American soldier, and a concentration camp survivor—will never be the same."
As I read, I remembered the films I've seen of the concentration camp survivors. The Americans were not equipped to help the people. Some of the Germans wanted to help, while others had to be forced. What a monumental task it was for the Allied forces to deal with this situation in addition to taking prisoners and securing the country. I felt like I was there struggling to understand along with the characters.As with most war stories, romance enters the picture. There's conflict between the two main female characters who are interested in the same GI.
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Amazon link:From Dust and Ashes: A Story of Liberation (The Liberator Series, Book 4).

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